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I'm asking for your Vote on November 6th!

 On May 24th, I announced my decision to run for re-election as your Mayor.  With your help, I will continue to provide experienced mayoral leadership to our community.

 Together, we’ve accomplished much in the last four years:

  • Maintained the  lowest tax rate in Carver County and reaffirmed our AAA Bond Rating

  • Successfully secured $9,000,000 of State Bonding Funds to complete the final section of Highway 101 south of Pioneer Trail

  • Successfully navigated the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, making Chanhassen a preferred destination for thousands of visitors from around the world.

  • Completed the West Water Treatment Plant to provide Iron and Manganese-Free water to the Northwest portion of our community.

  • Adopted the first long term Park and Recreation System Plan to establish development and maintenance priorities over the next 20 years.

My Priorities are to:

  • Provide for the safety of our citizens and all who visit our city

  • Advocate for responsible growth, control spending and maintain service levels

  • Encourage and promote civic engagement which contributes to respectful and robust dialogue on all issues facing the city.

  • Be an ardent advocate for CHANHASSEN and the GOODNESS which results from participation by all citizens in City organizations, activities and neighborhoods.

 I’m energized by the opportunities that are in front of us, including:

  • A well planned vision for re-development of the downtown business district
  • Responsible guidance of acceptable uses for the Avienda Project on Powers and Lyman
  • Preserving 94 acres of land around Lakes Ann and Lucy as the Galpin Project continues

I need your support to help me spread the message that “Chanhassen will have strong and experienced leadership for another four years with Denny as your Mayor.”  Will you help me spread this message?

If you would like to help spread the message for this campaign, select the DONATION icon at the top of this page.  You'll be directly connected to my Secure PayPal site where you may make your donation by credit card .

Most importantly, I ask that you vote for me as your Mayor either with early voting or on November 6th!!
Thank you!