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My Commitment to Chanhassen is to:

  • Listen and understand the concerns of our community
  • Explore and examine all angles of issues
  • Lead with decisive, responsible leadership

As Mayor of Chanhassen I've worked to:

  • Advocate for responsible growth and stable taxes while maintaining service levels
  • Actively promote our community and its highly attractive attributes
  • Preserve the Chanhassen quality of life that our citizens enjoy
  • Provide for the safety of our citizens and all who visit our city​   
  • Preserve and strengthen the strong leadership, vision and successful results fostered and begun by Mayor Furlong and City Staff that have made Chanhassen a great place to live and raise a family

Comments from supporters

"  I am proud to support Denny for Mayor of Chanhassen.  He will do an excellent job of leading our city."

-- Mary Jane Klingelhutz

"Being ‘Rememberable’

"It's not easy to impact a group of unmotivated teenagers but it’s impressive when that happens. The youth in our community are our responsibility and no one takes that to heart more than Denny Laufenburger.  Denny is ‘Rememberable’ by so many of the young people in our region. His wisdom, experience and genuine caring are reasons I’m proud to have him lead our City.  " 

-- Susan Conrad

STRIVE Chairperson

​Rotary Club of Chanhassen

Values and Principles 

  • Faith in GodisInspirational.
  • Familyrepresents Encouragement
  • Serviceto others is Motivational
  • Relationships provide Enrichment
  • Community Engagementboosts Civic Pride 
  • Civil Discourse demonstrates Mutual Respect
  • Responsibilityexhibits Character

To Read Denny's answers to questions from the Editor of the Chanhassen Villager, please click HERE. 

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