My Commitment to Chanhassen is to:

  • Listen and understand the concerns of our community
  • Explore and examine all angles of issues
  • Lead with decisive, responsible leadership

As Mayor of Chanhassen I will work to:

  • Advocate for responsible growth and stable taxes while maintaining service levels
  • Actively promote our community and its highly attractive attributes
  • Preserve the Chanhassen quality of life that our citizens enjoy
  • Provide for the safety of our citizens and all who visit our city​   
  • Preserve and strengthen the strong leadership, vision and successful results fostered and built by Mayor Furlong that have made Chanhassen a great place to live and raise a family

Who is Denny?   (Click link)

"  I am proud to support Denny for Mayor of Chanhassen.  He will do an excellent job of leading our city."

-- Mary Jane Klingelhutz

" Denny Laufenburger is a high-minded, community focused individual.  We personally know Denny to be a pure, enthusiastic and optimistic Servant-Leader for the high school.  His dedication and support is unconditional and truly reflects the 'core values' of team work, discipline, pride and commitment." 

-- Bill and Michelle Rosburg

Values and Principles 

  • Faith in God is Inspirational.
  • Family represents Encouragement
  • Service to others is Motivational
  • Relationships provide Enrichment
  • Community Engagement boosts Civic Pride 
  • Civil Discourse demonstrates Mutual Respect
  • Responsibility exhibits Character