August 1, 2018

The office of Mayor of Chanhassen is a non-partisan office. That means that the Secretary of State of Minnesota does not require nor recognize an affiliation with a Political Party. The ballot in the General Election doesn't include party affiliation or designation for mayor, council members or county commissioners.

On December 5th, 2017, I disclaimed membership in the Republican Party of Minnesota. This action was the result of nefarious claims made against my leadership and character as mayor of Chanhassen and duly-elected Chairman of the Carver County Republican Party. I supported actions at the Chanhassen City Council that were in opposition to the Platform of the State party. The claims made against me were unsupported and vexatious.

I made the choice to honor my commitment to make the best decisions for the Community of Chanhassen, regardless of the platform of the Republican Party.

If you believe that petty partisan politics has no place in local government, ie. City Council, Mayor and County Commissioner, then WE AGREE.

My conservative values and principles align most closely with the Republican Party values. However, my commitment is to always evaluate the facts of the issue, consider the personal views and passions of the citizens impacted, and then make the best decision for the City, without being held accountable to a rigid party platform. My responsibility is to the citizens of Chanhassen.