​Tom Furlong, Mayor *

Jerry McDonald, Council *

Bethany Tjornhom, Council *

Mary Jane Klingelhutz

Ladd and Susan Conrad *

Curt Robinson

Cy and Madonna Kerber

Terre and Bill Kemble

Tim and Ginger Mulcrone *

Mark and Tracy Undestad

Debbie Turner "Marta" Larson

​Neil and Connie Klingelhutz

Cole Kelly

​Gayle and Lois Degler

Steve and Barb Scharfenberg

Ed Ginsbach

Tim and Dawne Erhart

Dan Herbst

Kevin Crystal *

Dave and Barbara Headla

Bill and Stephanie Naegele

Wendy and Craig O’Connor *
Elizabeth and David Kressler *
Jenny and Scott Pharis *
Tom and Pam Langseth *
​Dave and Jean Hess *
Sarah Hess
Mike and Kris Mattson
Jack "The Hammer" Mattson*
Bill and Michelle Rosburg
John and Sherry Noonan
David and Maureen Nelson
Dawn and Paul Twenge
Michael and Becky McMillen
Rodney and Janice Melton
​Joe and Cathy O'Brien
Dan and Jane Revsbech
Luke and Rachel Thunberg
Denny Kopfmann
​Brian and Tammy Harstad

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Denny Supporters

Ray Ortman and Family
Senator Julianne Ortman

Fred Lade
R. Lawrence Harris
Jim and Mary Hokanson
​Brad Solheim
​Katie and Steve Barnes
​Mark and Kay Halla
David Peterjohn
​Mike and Nancy Mason
Howard and Jean Meuwissen
Ron and Elaine Roeser
​Dick and Rosemary Mingo
Ann Clifford
Jerry and Ellen Cerchia
Allison Alstrin
Mike and Jean Moore
Chris and Kimberly Wolf

Name Removed at request
Dan Hectorne and Barbara Martini
Ms. Kelly Holcomb
Gary and Peg Schelitzche
Nat and Rachel Jeffries
Jay and Laurie Donahue
Mary Anne Tester
Ned and Karen Podany
Lynne and Ron Pilgrim
Dave and Kathy Schollman
Paula and Jack Atkins
Mike and Crystal Schachterle
Bob and Jan Lokhorst
Wayne and Pamela Benbow
Doug Allen
Kathy Brunner
Jim and Kim Nash
Jim and Cheryl Sanborn
Paul Brewer
Dan and Pamela Kilber Blake
Bob and Judy Thurk
Jan Mars
Richard and Kathy Dorfner
Steve and Renee Williams

* Laufenburger for Mayor Campaign Team members