Innuendo v. Issue

My opponent in the 2014 campaign for Mayor of Chanhassen has distributed literature in neighborhoods and in the Villager, that makes claims about "issues that need to be addressed" in the city.

He is attributing these issues to the current city council and me specifically, as we anticipated.  In "Reality Test" language, these aren't issues, but rather INNUENDOS intended to disparage my integrity and that of the Council and the City's professional Staff.  While I choose not to initiate any such attacks, I won't allow others to make these claims without rebutting them with facts.  

You can see below a series of topics with the facts to back up my statement that these aren't issues.  Scroll down and Click on each one to open the page that has the facts you need.  

PLEASE, let your friends and neighbors know the FACTS about the INNUENDOS that my opponent is spreading.